News and Announcements

Webling Elementary Scores High on Wellness and Safety

The Wellness and Safety survey scores are now available from school year 2015-2016. Webling Elementary achieved 95% in keeping up to standards with specified Wellness Guidelines. Thank you to the Webling community of students, families, and faculty/staff for making this possible!
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Safety Precautions

Aiea Complex schools takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of its students. Please take the time to speak with your child about the “buddy” system and safety precautions. Also, remind your child to report any suspicious activity immediately to you or school personnel.
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ONLINE Library Summer Reading Program

OverDrive Summer Read is an annual program designed to encourage your students to keep reading all year long. The titles selected can supplement other summer reading programs, and will offer free, simultaneous access to students from June 7th–August 7th. The collection of titles will be prominently displayed on your OverDrive-powered website in eBook format. We will cycle through the collection throughout the summer to ensure your students are aware of each exciting read! To use the OverDrive Library, click on the link below and enter your child's 10-digit SSIN (located on report card) when prompted.
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