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Student Safety

Our Hawaii schools are very safe.   Our schools have safety measures and student supports in place.  Webling's school safety committee consists of the school's SASA (Ms. Agena), TA head custodian (Mr. Cabana), teacher/JPO Advisor (Ms. Arnold), PCNC Coordinator (Mrs. Haramura), health aide (Ms. Kamakani), Vice Principal (Mrs. Snow), and Principal (Mr. Matsuda).  The safety committee reviews all safety policies and procedures to ensure emerging safety issues are adequately covered in the current school crisis plan and emergency response procedures.  Reviews are conducted annually.  Webling provides crisis training and professional development for its staff based upon their needs assessment.  Students and staff have participated in crisis drills such as lockdown, shelter-in-place, fire drills, earthquake drills, and off-campus evacuation.  The school staff has also taken steps in prevention to reinforce school safety. 

Contact Chad Matsuda, Principal (808) 307-9700