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PARENT ALERT! Student Emergency Cards

Student Emergency (white) Card

If a child comes to the health room for an injury/illness and needs critical care, the school will contact parent/guardian or any adults listed on the child's white emergency card.  Please be sure that you have turned in your child's white emergency card with the most current contact information and authorization for release to other person(s) on the card.

If we do not have any emergency contacts on your child's emergency card or an emergency card on file and critical care is needed for your child, the school will call 911.  Parents will be responsible for the EM charges.  

In November, the  Department of Health (DOH) will be on our campus to review all student health forms (F14) and emergency cards.

NOTE: All emergency cards should be turned in at the very beginning of the school year or upon entry to the school.  

Contact Chad Matsuda, Principal 483-7240