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Early Release of Students

To avoid unnecessary class disruptions as well as for the safety of your child, please adhere to the following when requesting an Early Release for your child:
  • Send a written note to the Office before the start of school explaining the destination, time, reason and the name of the person picking up your child so that a pass can prepared before your arrival.
  • Phone calls should be made at least two (2) hours in advance of picking up your child so the teacher can be advised accordingly.  Last minute phone calls should be limited to emergencies only since your child may be out to lunch or on recess.
  • You will be required to sign the Office log whenever you come early to pick up your child.
  • A picture ID of the person (other than parent/guardian) picking up your child will also be required.  Only adults listed on the Emergency Contact card will be allowed to pick up your child.
  • Children are not allowed to walk home without an adult during school hours.