Student/Parent Handbook » Dress Code

Dress Code




Webling’s dress code establishes guidelines to help parents and students choose

proper school clothes for safety reasons and to create a positive school environment.




  • Footwear is mandatory.
  • Footwear over 2” high must be covered or have a secured heal strap.
  • Extremely oversized, baggy, or fitted clothes will not be allowed.
  • Pants that drag on the ground or sag below the hips are not permitted.
  • Shorts and pants must be worn at waist height.  Exception:  hip-huggers (but midriff must not be exposed).
  • Oversized belts or buckles will not be allowed.




  • Clothing promoting/acknowledging inappropriate activities such as drugs, violence, inappropriate language should not be worn to school.
  • Any gang related dress or fashion is prohibited.
  • Hats or caps may not be worn in the building (except when pre-approved by the school).
  • Length of shorts, skirts, skorts, or dresses shall not be shorter than pinky finger when arms are placed down next to body.
  • Bike shorts will be allowed provided it is covered by a dress or long shirt and no shorter than pinky finger when arms are placed down next to body
  • Revealing apparel exposing the bare midriff, front and/or back, will not be permitted.
  • No halter tops, spaghetti strapped tops, fishnet tops, “see-through” tops, tube tops, or athletic/jersey tops with big armholes.  All tops must have at least 1" straps.
  • No make-up (except when pre-approved by the school).




Students not in compliance with the dress code will be sent to the principal for clarification and/or any/all of the following disciplinary actions:

  •   Turn shirt/blouse inside out or borrow clothes from the office
  •   Counseling for non-compliant behavior
  •  Inform parents of non-compliance/disciplinary actions
  •   Detention in school
  •  Parent Conference with student present