Student/Parent Handbook » Early Dismissal, Release From School, Cutoff Dates Before School Ends in May

Early Dismissal, Release From School, Cutoff Dates Before School Ends in May


When a child leaves school before the regular dismissal time, he/she must be excused by the office staff.

  • send a note to school explaining the reason for the request and the time and date you want her/him released.  The note must have the signature of the parent/guardian.  If someone other than the parent/guardian will pick up the child, the note must state the name and relationship of the person to the child.
  • when picking up your child, report to the office to receive a Student Temporary Pass and to sign out your child.
  • a child will not be released by the teacher without an escort and a Temporary Student Pass.

 Note: Students who leave before 11AM are not considered in school for the full day, therefore they will be marked absent.



If your child is moving to another school, please inform the office and complete a Request for Student Certificate of Release form.  

When applying for a Student’s Certificate of Release:

  • Notify the office and your child’s teacher at least one (1) week to prepare the release form. 
  • The release form with release packet will be issued to parents on the student’s last day.
  • Take the release form and packet to register your child in his/her new school.
  • Records will be sent directly to the school when the new school submits a request for your child’s records.
  • If your child is in a special program, please contact your child’s teacher if copies are requested.


Before a release is issued, the student must:

  • Return all books to the teacher and the library.
  • Settle all financial obligations (lunch loans, lost/damaged books)



  • Last four weeks of school – student will be given report card with grades for the school year and an indication as a promotion or non-promotion.
  • Fifth and sixth weeks before school closes – student will be given a report card with grades up to time of departure with a recommendation as to promotion or non-promotion based on a stated estimate of anticipated final grades.
  • Prior to the sixth week before school closes – student is released through normal procedures.  Assumption is that the student will enroll in a new school in time for that school to determine the final grades.