Language Arts:  Unit 3 Week 1

Spelling Words Long a(a, ai, ay, ea, ei, eigh, ey): nail, train, main, hay, stay, break, steak, weigh, sleigh, prey

Review Words: scrape, strange

Grammar: action verbs & abbreviations

Math - Add Two-Digit Numbers

Science - Forms of Water on the Earth

SS - Maps

Important Dates:


Oct. 28 - Nov. 6 - Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC) *Short Day Schedule

Nov.7 - 8: Regular Schedule 2:05 Dismissal

Friday, Nov. 8 - Walk-A-Thon

Week of 9.23.19 - 9.27.19

Language Arts:  Unit 2 Week 2

Spelling Words (Short u & Long u): plum, dug,cub, hum, must, fun, mule, fuse, use, huge

Review Words: rope, nose

Grammar: Singular & Plural Nouns; Commas in a Series

Math - Draw and Use Bar Graphs and Picture Graphs

Science - Life Science: Plants & Animals Interdependence

SS - Timelines: Purpose of a Timeline, How to Organize and Create a Timeline

Important Dates:

Tuesday, September 24 - Fall Picture Taking Retakes

Thursday, September 26 - Parent Teacher Conference Notices go home

Oct. 7 - 11 - Fall Break (No School)

Friday, Oct. 18 - Pumpkin Carving Activity

Friday, Oct. 25 - PTO Fall Festival

Oct. 28 - Nov. 6 - Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC) *Short Day Schedule

Friday, Nov.1 - Professional Development Day (No School)