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Homework Schedule

Homework Schedule

This is the schedule we usually follow for homework. At times it may change. It is very important that each assignment is completed each day and turned in on time the following school day.

Spelling - write the words neatly in alphabetical
(ABC) order.
Grammar or Math - Worksheet
100 Book Club reading

Spelling - write each word neatly 3 times each
Grammar or Math - worksheet
100 Book Club reading

Spelling - Write 7 sentences neatly using a spelling word in each sentence.
UNDERLINE the spelling word.
There need to be 7 WORDS in each sentence.
*A sentence cannot begin with the word "I".
*A sentence must begin with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark.
Grammar or Math - worksheet
100 Book Club reading

Spelling - Study for test
Grammar or Math - worksheet
100 Book Club reading summary

Friday No homework unless there are any incomplete assignments.



This is our last week of spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. 
Spelling - jumper, higher, star, starry, garden, better, dinner, doctor, market, hairy, enjoy, display, afternoon, anyone, everything, imagination, seconds, create, dazzling, worth
vocabulary - create, dazzling, imagination, seconds
grammar - adjective and adverbs
comprehension - summarize, point of view, metaphor
math - subtraction
science - magnets
SS - government
May Day will be on Wed. May 18. Your child will need blue denim jeans or shorts and as plain a white shirt as possible. 


spelling - lit, little, set, settle, rip, ripple, pad, paddle, middle, bubble, outside, replace, follow, listen, something, teamwork, results, prepare, machines, exploration
vocabulary - teamwork, machines, exploration, results, important, scientific, prepare, repair
grammar - adverbs, prepositional phrases
comprehension/mechanics - summarize, main idea and key details, Greek/Latin roots
math - multiplication/division
SS- natural resources
science - magnets

week of 4/11

spelling - nail, train, main, hay, stay, break, steak, weigh, sleigh, prey, scrape, strange, good, often, two, amazing, proved, true, measure, weight
vocabulary - true, force, amazing, speed, measure, weight, objects, proved
grammar - articles, this, that, these, and those
comprehension/mechanics - reread, author's purpose, similes 
math - polyhedrons
SS/science - Natural resources, magnets
Reminders - please return and/or pay for spring pictures if you haven't done so

week of 4/4

Spelling - pencil, magnet, publish, supper, letter, lady, gravy, solo, open, odor, lead, touch, door, front, someone, rustled, stages, develop, appeared, crops
vocabulary - appeared, rustled, stages, golden, develop, crops, shining, edge
grammar - adjectives
comprehension - reread, theme, context clues
writing - opinion
math - adding 2 and 3 digit numbers
Science/Social Studies - natural resources

week of 2/29

Spelling - cute, cube, fumes, music, unit, menu, few, fuel cues, pony, queen, began, come, give, rhythm, instruments, sounds, concert, understand
Vocabulary - cheered, music, rhythm, concert, sounds, understand, movements, instruments
grammar - contractions
comprehension/mechanics - ask and answer questions, main idea/key details, and prefixes
math - fractions
social studies - economics
science - habitats

2/22 concepts

spelling - we, bee, need, queen, mean, leaf, thief, chief, pony, keys, grow, toe, after, every, special, warning, prevent, destroy, harsh, damage
vocabulary - prevent, dangerous, damage, weather, harsh, event, warning, destroy
grammar - possessive pronouns
comprehension/mechanics - ask and answer questions, main idea and details, antonyms
math - estimation, associative property
science - habitats
social studies - economics

2/16 concepts

spelling - told, most, float, coat, toast, grow, mow, show, Joe, toe, light, mind, only, our, who, villages, idea, lonely, solution, borrow
vocabulary - villages, idea, lonely, solution, borrow, across, countryside, insists
grammar - pronouns
comprehension/mechanics - ask and answer questions, author's purpose, synonyms
math - weight, units of mass, estimation
science - habitats
social studies - presidents

week of 2/8

spelling - light, sight, mind, cry, tie, high, wild, dry, try, lie, hay, steak, begin, those, apart, adventure grumbled, neighbor, delighted, moonlight
vocabulary - moonlight, delight, neighbor, grumbled, adventure, dreamed, enjoyed, nighttime
grammar - pronouns
comprehension/mechanics - 
math - subtraction, weight (pounds and kilograms)
science - habitats
Social studies - China

week of 2/1

Spelling - port, north, more, store, car, roar, board, part, start, park, first, hurt, ago, carry, people, wonder, surrounded, travels, common, favorite
Vocabulary - common, costume, customs, favorite, parades, surrounded, travels, wonder
grammar - contractions and apostrophes
comprehension/mechanics - visualization, plot: compare and contrast, smilies 
math - addition and subtraction
science - habitats
social studies - Chinese New Year

week of 1/25

spelling - dead, ahead, lead, thread, bread, touch, trouble, gym, myth, small, chalk, instead, whole, words, exclaim, public, united, rules, form
vocabulary - finally, united, public, exclaimed, writers, history, rules, form
writing - opinion
grammar - irregular verbs
comprehension/mechanics - make, confirm, and revise predictions, cause and effect, multiple meaning words
math - money
reminder - Chinatown field trip on Friday. Your child is allowed to bring no more than $10 to spend.

week of 1/18

Spelling - ball, small, paw, haw, pause, sauce, taught, chalk, walk, sought, new, fruit, city, own, read, proudly, enormous, supply, rarely, curious
Vocabulary - supply, distance, enormous, rarely, gently, curious, proudly, Earth resources
grammar - irregular verbs
comprehension/mechanics - predictions, problem/solution, homophones
math - money
Science - habitats

Week of 1/11

Spelling - room, flu, June, new, glue, fruit, crook, could, full, push, point, coin, along, ever, strong, succeed, interest, heroes, agree, discover
vocabulary - perform, agree, interest, succeed, heroes, challenging, study
grammar - pronouns, proper nouns
comprehension/mechanics - summarize, sequencing, synonyms
writing - expository
math - arrays
science - habitats
Reminders -
-hundredth day celebration is next Friday, 1/22
-Chinatown field trip is Friday, 1/29. Please join us if you can!!!!!

week of 1/4

This week is a short week so not spelling, grammar, vocabulary
Writing - winter break writing
Math - Skip counting and equal groups
SS - Time for Kids
Science - habitats

Concepts for 11/16

spelling - soil, broil, moist, point, toil, oil. toy, joy, coin, noise, crown, mound, I'll, laugh, maybe, patient, describe, imagination, cooperate, interact
vocabulary - amused, imagination, cooperate, interact, describe, patient, entertained, peaceful
grammar/mechanics - pronouns (I, me, we, us), capitalizing the pronoun I
comprehension - summarize, point of view, idioms 
math - polygons, make tens strategy, fact families
Science - animal life cycles
SS - map skills

Concepts for 10/26

Reminder school ends at 12:26 this weeK.
Spelling - comb, crumb, scene, scent, gnat, sign, knife, know, wrist, writing, cube, music, very, eat, don't, layers, eerie, region, seasons, lively
vocabulary - eerie, region, layers, temperature, growth, seasons, location, lively
grammar/mechanics - linking verbs, capitalization of proper nouns
comprehension - reread, compare and contrast, compound words
writing - opinion writing
math - addition/subtraction, time (quarter past, AM and PM, duration, calendar)
SS - map skills