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Homework Schedule

Homework Schedule

This is the schedule we usually follow for homework. At times it may change. It is very important that each assignment is completed each day and turned in on time the following school day.

Spelling - write the words neatly in alphabetical
(ABC) order.
Grammar or Math - Worksheet
100 Book Club reading

Spelling - write each word neatly 3 times each
Grammar or Math - worksheet
100 Book Club reading

Spelling - Write 7 sentences neatly using a spelling word in each sentence.
UNDERLINE the spelling word.
There need to be 7 WORDS in each sentence.
*A sentence cannot begin with the word "I".
*A sentence must begin with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark.
Grammar or Math - worksheet
100 Book Club reading

Spelling - Study for test
Grammar or Math - worksheet
100 Book Club reading summary

Friday No homework unless there are any incomplete assignments.


10/19 concepts

Spelling - scratch, scrape, spring, throne, stripe, strange, shred, shrub, splash, split, catch, sting, far, flower, until, behave, feathers, flapping, express, rhythm
vocabulary - behave, flapping, express, feathers, poem, rhyme, rhythm, word choice
grammar/ mechanics - possessive nouns with apostrophes
comprehension - key details, multiple meaning words
math - double +1 with addition and subtraction
SS - map skills

Week of 10/13

Spelling - chop, catch, shape, trash, phone, that, sting, thin, bring, while, place, badge, seven, isn't, early, mammal, offspring, alive, covered, adult
vocabulary - adult, giant, alive, groom, offspring, mammal, covered, fur
grammar/mechanics -plural nouns, abbreviations, commas in a series
comprehension - reread, main idea/key details, multiple meaning words
math - subtraction - count back, hundreds chart, number line
Social studies - map skills


There is no new spelling, vocabulary, or grammar this week.
Language Arts - 
     Weekly test 
     Opinion Writing
Math - 
     Quarterly test 
SS - Artifact presentations
     Aloha Week activities
Have a great fall break! Please remember to read daily

9/21 concepts

spelling - trace, place, badge, cage, space, ice, bulge, range, barge, mice, mule, huge, out, wash, saw, escape, habitat, journey, restless, nature
vocabulary - buried, nature, escape, peeks, habitat, restless, journey, spies
grammar/mechanics - common/proper nouns, abbreviations
comprehension - make, confirm, and revise predictions, key details, and suffixes
math - three digit numbers on a number line, measurement - inches
SS - artifacts
Reminders - please work on the artifact project at home. You child will present their project the week of Sept. 28.
Book orders due Thursday, Oct. 1

9/14 concepts

Spelling - mule, fuse, plum, use, dug, cub, hum, huge, must, fun, rope, nose, look, yes, their, delicious, remarkable, feast, lessons, believe
Vocabulary - believe, lessons, delicious, remarkable, feast, snatch, fond, stories
grammar/mechanics - commas in a series, singular and plural nouns
comprehension - make, confirm, and revise predictions
     plot, problem, and solution
math - reading and writing three digit numbers
SS - artifacts

9/8 concepts

Spelling - Box, fox, dog, lock, pot, cone, home, nose, poke rope, side, line, have, off, took, freedom, eager, silence, shadow, adapt
Vocabulary - adapt, climate, freedom, eager, fresh, sense, shadows, silence
Grammar/mechanics - commas, nouns
comprehension - make, confirm, revise predictions
     character, set, plot
math - time - duration and 5 minute intervals
SS - timelines and artifacts
Sci - plant cycle

8/31 concepts

spelling - did, fin, pick, line, pipe, tip, mix, five, side, hike, cape, made, all, any, says, choose, customers, spend, cost, jobs
vocabulary - check, choose, chores, cost, customers, jobs, spend, tools
grammar/mechanics - expanding and combining sentences, quotations
writing - complete sentences
reading comprehension - ask and answer questions, key details, inflectional endings
math - addition of two digit numbers using the count on strategy, number lines, and hundreds charts
Science - plant cycle
SS - timelines 

Achieve 3000 and IXL

You chid will be coming home two letters today. The first is regarding Achieve 3000, a reading comprehension program. In the letter it will explain what your child's Lexile score is. If your child's score starts with a BR, that means they scored at a Kindergarten level. Please practice reading with them at home online at Their log in and passwords are on the paper.
The second letter explain IXL. This is an online practice program. We would like you to practice the math concepts.
K. Snow

8/24 concepts

Reminder - field trip on Friday. Your child will need a sack lunch, water, and sun screen.
Spelling - bag, cap, ham, bake, ate, mad, back, cape, made, rake, still, belt, into, done, your
vocabulary - allowed, care, excited, needs, roam, safe, wandered, wild
Grammar/mechanics - identifying predicates, commas
writing - complete sentences
comprehension - ask and answer questions, key details, root words
math - addition (count on) and fact families
SS - timelines 
Science - plants (parts and cycle)

8/17 concepts

Spelling - grass, trips, crack, still, west, mask, clap, plans, milk, belt, fog, tub, by, he, she, friendship, relationship, different, proper, decide
vocabulary - decide, different, friendship, glance, proper, relationship, stares, trade
grammar/mechanics - subjects in a sentence, punctuation in a letter
comprehension - ask and answer questions, character, setting events, and context clues
math - problem solving, sorting data
science - plants
SS - timelines

Timeline photos

Please print and send in your child's 7 or 8 photos (1 for each year of their life) with a brief description of the event as soon as possible.

The week of 8/10

Spelling - went, tell, pet, job, fog, not, tug, hut, bun, fix, has, one, or see, culture, language, invited, share, aside
Vocabulary - aside, culture, fair, invited, language, plead, scurries, share
Grammar/mechanics - Types of sentences, command/exclamation
Comprehension - visualize, character, setting, events
Math - comparing numbers using number lines, odd and even
SS - Timelines - please send your child in with 7 or 8 pictures, one from each year of their lives marking a big event. Please read the letter stapled in your child's agenda
Science - Plant parts and cycles
Please check and sign you child's agenda daily

8/3 concepts

Spelling - short a and i - has, wag, bad, six, will, sat, had, fix, him, if, can, hit, why, for, help, depends, nervously, peered, action, rescue
vocabulary - action, afraid, depends, nervously, peered, perfectly, rescue, secret
grammar - types of sentences - statement/question
               - capitalization/punctuations
reading - fluency, comprehension - visualization and key details
math - writing 1 and 2 digit numbers, relative position of 2 digit numbers
SS - Rules/consequences, timelines
Please check and sign your child's agenda daily