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Welcome to Webling Elementary School JPO  and Campus Patrol webpage!
The Junior Police Officer (JPO) Program is a leadership program for 5th and 6th graders at Webling Elementary School. The JPO program is currently under the traffic division of the Honolulu Police Department. A Junior Police Officers job is to ensure the safety of students as the arrive and depart from school.
Webling Elementary currently has two JPO squads made up of approximately 40 students who applied and were accepted to the JPO program based on their leadership potential. JPO have a variety of duties, including assisting students in and out of vehicles when arriving and departing school. Each squad is assigned alternating weeks to be on duty.
A JPO must report for duty at 7:30 am and 1:55pm each day that they are on duty. All JPO must attend weekly practice (Thursday during first recess) and one afternoon of Leadership training a month.
***** Dismissal times: JPO will be dismissed from duty at the following times:
Monday: 2:45 pm
Tuesday: 2:45 pm
Wednesday: 1:20pm
Thursday:  2:45 pm
Friday: 2:55 pm (extra time given for weekly reward)

Leadership Advisors to the JPO are Scott Sakihara, Kahea Snow, and Katrina Arnold.