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SBA Schedule

SBA Schedule - Please have your child here at school ON TIME 
Reading: 4/30, 5/1, 5/2 
Math: 5/7, 5/8, 5/9 
Make ups will be on Monday and Fridays 

Still Art due 5/10

Still Life Art

- Sketch planned due at the end of Wednesday 4/24 Art class

Students has had two 45-minute class periods to work on their sketch for their still life piece (4/10 and 4/17). For both days, students were verbally reminded multiple times within the class periods that they should consider staying in for their recesses on our rotational days to continue to have time to work and receive guidance and support. To help all students stay on track with finishing their work by the deadline below, I am encouraging all students to attempt to finish their sketches at the end of Wednesday 4/24.

- Final Still Life Art due Friday 5/10

PE Goals and Reflection- Due 5/10

Students have set goals that they made at the beginning of the quarter with Ms. Carillo. 
Students need to work at home to practice their goals in order to meet them by the time it is due.  
Students will also need to write 3-4 sentences on if they met or did not meet their goal. 

Quarter 4 Due Dates

Please know that these due dates are pretty set in stone due to this being the last quarter. If your child wants/needs feedback in order to better their projects or to get assistance, please have them come see me sooner than later. Thank you! 

Projects/Paper and due dates:

- Argumentative paper - 5/10

- Wonder Precept - 5/13

- Religion Flyer- 5/14

- Ecosystem Poster- 5/16

- Art head Piece

- Research- 4/17

- Final Project- 5/8

-Still Life Art- 5/10

- Health Food Journal

- Journal # 1- 4/24

- Journal # 2- 5/3

-PE goals with reflection- 5/10

Projects and Assignments for Q4- Due dates (TBA)

Argumentative Paper 
Wonder Precept Project
Ecosystem Poster
Health Food Journal
Art head Piece 
PE Goals 

Wonder Literature Anthology Project

This extra credit is for reading (either for Literacy and/or Informational) grade on their report card. Students were able to choose if they wanted to do it or not. If you want your child to work on this, here is the task and rubric. 
This is due on 3/29