Student/Parent Handbook » Library/Book Care & Payment

Library/Book Care & Payment


The library is open to all students during morning recess and to 4th, 5th and 6th graders during

lunch recess.  During recess students are welcome to read books, conduct research and use

the library computers for school related activities.


Students have regularly scheduled lessons in the library.  Lessons are built around the Hawaii

Content and Performance Standards and the Hawaii General Learner Outcomes with the integration

of technology when possible. During this time, the lower grade students explore various genres

and forms of literature while developing comprehension, listening and thinking skills.  Students in

the upper grades are taught research skills, information literacy skills and are also exposed to

various forms of literature.


Students in Kindergarten through second grade borrow books for one-week period.  Students in

grades 3 - 6 borrow books for a two-week period.  The number of books each child can borrow

depends upon his her grade level.





Students are responsible for the care of any textbooks assigned to him/her until the books

are recalled by the teacher as wells as any library books borrowed under his/her name. 

Books assigned to or borrowed by each student and left in the classroom are still the

responsibility of the student.     

 All textbooks are to be protected with a book cover.


Any student who is found to be responsible for loss, destruction, breakage, or damage of school

books, which shall include library books and/or materials and textbooks, will make restitution

to the school, including payment by the pupil or pupil’s parents of the actual replacement cost

of the book. This includes shipping, handling and processing fees.  Damaged books will be retained

by the school for disposal through state procedures.