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Student Transportation Service, Traffic Pattern


Any student in grades K-5 who lives at least one mile from school and any student in grades 6-12 who

lives 1.5 miles in Webling’s school district is allowed to ride the school bus.  Bus applications may be picked

up from and returned to the school office. Applications are entered into the School Bus Transportation

System (STS) for processing.  Payments for bus passes are made at the school office. 


Make checks payable to: Department of Education.  Bus pass payments are quarterly or yearly.

Questions regarding student transportation can be directed to our Student Transportation Branch

at 586-0170.



  Grounds Transportation Phone: 833-4222

  See DOE website for Application and Bus Routes.


NOTE: For the safety of everyone, students must abide by all school bus rules.  Failure to follow the rules

will result in a warning and can lead riding privileges being revoked.  Parents must make transportation arrangements if their child is suspended from riding the school bus.


See Passenger Safety Code, Hawaii Administrative Rules for All students riding school bus Department of Education Student Transportation Booklet, pages 6 and 7 for rules.



  • Please honor the “NO PARKING – LOADING ZONE” signs.  The loading zone is for student drop off only.
  • Cars will move all the way to the beginning of the line.  Cars will move taxi-style ---each taking a turn.  DO NOT OVERTAKE ANOTHER CAR.
  • Pull up close to the curb.  Please have your child sit on the passenger side of the car and ready for a quick drop off to facilitate the flow of traffic.  DO ALL MORNING NECESSITIES ---  COMBING HAIR, TYING SHOELACES, SIGNING PAPERS, EATING BREAKFAST, ETC. AT HOME, NOT AT THE DROP-OFF SITE.
  • When possible, JPOs will open and close the passenger side car door to assist your child to exit the vehicle quickly and safely.
  • If you need to go to the office or classroom, please park in the visitor parking or along the street.  (All numbered stalls are reserved for faculty/staff.)
  • Students who arrive before 7:45am should go to the café for breakfast or sit at their assigned grade level area in front of the cafeteria until dismissed to class at 7:45 am.




  • Pick up areas are on the sidewalk marked with yellow lines.
  • Do not ask your child to wait by the cafeteria parking lot, in front of the cafeteria, or the office.  Waiting in front of these areas will cause confusion/disruption with students in the A+ program. 
  • Do not make any U-Turns from the drop off lane.
  • RAINY DAYS:  All students will stand under the office eaves to wait for parent pick-up


NOTE: Do not leave young children unattended in parked or engine running A/C cars while picking up your child(ren) before or after school.