Student/Parent Handbook » Recess, Playground, & Equipment Rules

Recess, Playground, & Equipment Rules


-For safety reasons, 5 minutes after the bell rings (at 9:45 a.m), students

 must remain in the area they are in (i.e. Library, homeroom) and cannot go to

 the playground or another area on campus.

-No students in hallways. (Students must be in Library, classroom, or on

 the field.)

 -No students are to remain in the classroom without adult supervision.




-Play only in designated areas.

-No throwing or kicking.

-No sliding, especially on wet gutter covers, wet lanais, and wet grass.

-No standing on benches.

-No reaching through the fence.

-No “Red Rover” or “Tug of War.”

-Playing football and baseball is limited to physical education periods when there

  is adequate supervision and field space.

-If balls need to be retrieved from the roof or beyond the fence, seek assistance

  from the teacher on duty..

-Balls are to be used only in circle games.

-Students must wear rubber soled covered shoes to play on the basketball court.




-Students must wear rubber soled covered shoes to play on the equipment.

-Students must follow rules for playground equipment:

  •   Students must take turns in line.
  •  Only one person on slide/pole.
  • No stopping on slide.
  • No shoving or pushing while using equipment.