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Counseling, Student Support, Retention


As a class, every student meets the counselor some time during the school year as part of

Webling Character Education Program.


The counselor is always available to talk confidentially to students and parents.  Students may

“walk in” during the day to discuss any concerns with Mrs. Okamoto (Grades PreK-2) or

Ms. Okumura (Grades 3-6), our school counselors.  Parents are invited to phone

(808) 483-7240 to discuss any needs/concerns they may have regarding their child(ren).




Procedure for possible retention:

  • Either teacher or parent can request a meeting to discuss possible 
retention of a child.

The administration needs to be informed early that retention is being considered

in order for discussion and/or implementation of other options prior to a final decision.


  • The teacher will complete the Light’s Retention Scale.

Dr. H. Wayne Light has developed a scale which allows principals, teachers, and

parents to evaluate the likelihood of retention being beneficial for individual students.

There are a number of conditions which make the success and benefits of repeating a

grade very unlikely, and should therefore preclude retention. These factors are:

Sex of student

Knowledge of English language

Physical size

School attendance

Present grade placement

Emotional problems

Immature behavior

Previous grade retention

History of delinquency

Student's age

Present level of academic achievement

Experiential background


Parents' school participation

History of learning disabilities


Motivation to complete school tasks

Estimate of intelligence

Sex of student

Student's attitude about possible retention

Physical size


  • A meeting is held with parents, teacher(s) and administrator to discuss:

Results of the Light’s Retention Scale survey

Academic/Social assessments, and Progress Reports

Reasons for considering retention

Strategies tried to assist student

Benefits of retention

Additional options/strategies to help the student improve